Sunstroke: When homeopathic remedies help and when you should see a doctor

It can also make itself felt hours after sunbathing: sunstroke. Symptoms such as headaches and nausea can be treated gently. In severe cases, only one thing helps: off to the doctor!

In addition to sunburn, too much sun can also cause sunstroke. This is heat damage that irritates the meninges. Children, fair-skinned people with little hair and older people whose head and neck are exposed to the blazing sun for too long are particularly susceptible to sunstroke. As a result, symptoms such as severe headaches, nausea with vomiting, drowsiness, tremors and fainting can occur – sometimes even hours after sunbathing.

A particularly characteristic sign of sunstroke is a hot, crimson face. Those affected should be placed in the shade immediately and their head and neck cooled. Most of the time, the symptoms go away on their own. However, if the headache lasts longer than an hour, fainting occurs or if children are affected, a doctor should always be called – even an ambulance in the case of fainting.

Homeopathy for sunstroke: Help against headaches and Co.

To alleviate the symptoms of sunstroke, such as severe headaches, homeopathic remedies can also be used to help. The following active ingredients have proven particularly effective here:

  • belladonna

Classic areas of application for belladonna are the hot, crimson head, pounding headaches, fever and dizziness, which occur in particular with sunstroke. In addition, Belladonna relieves the symptoms of a light sunburn with reddened skin, which often occurs additionally.

  • aconite

If the sunstroke starts violently and suddenly, the skin is dry and the face is red, but visibly pales when you stand up and the person concerned feels restless and afraid, then Aconitum is the right remedy.

  • Veratrum album

In the case of nausea, vomiting and cold sweat on the forehead as well as a feeling of weakness, Veratrum album is recommended against the symptoms of sunstroke. Especially when the person concerned is restless and finds it difficult to sit still or lie still.

  • Gelsemium

If the person affected shows symptoms such as weakness, dizziness and sleepiness, tremors and neck headaches as a result of sunstroke, Gelsemium can help.


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