Sweet Orange Essential Oil: properties, benefits, uses

Sweet orange essential oil : properties, where to buy it, uses and tips to make the most of the benefits of sweet orange essence.

Orange  are obtained two essential oils: essential oil of sweet orange is produced from the peel of the fruit, while the Neroli essential oil is extracted from the leaves of orange tree. The essence of orange is sweet, fresh and fruity.

Properties and uses of sweet orange essential oil

There are many  properties and benefits of sweet orange essence. With the properties we will also analyse its uses in order to understand how to make the most of the benefits of orange essential oil.

  • Calming properties
    Useful in aromatherapy to counter nervousness, anxiety and soothe the symptoms of stress. To take advantage of its calming properties, it can be used in aromatherapy or with inhalations by placing 5-8 drops of sweet orange essential oil in boiling water. Once the pot has been removed from the heat, cover the head with a towel and breathe in the steam emitted.
  • Digestive properties
    For internal use, it can help digestion by counteracting constipation, bloating and constipation.
  • Sedative properties It is considered a mild sedative and used to fight insomnia in a natural way. Before going to bed, take a long relaxing bath in a tub with hot water and 15 drops of sweet orange essence to be emulsified with Dead Sea salts (or common coarse cooking salt) and shaking the water well before diving.
  • Antispasmodic properties It has a muscle-relaxing action, it is indicated in the case of massages to soothe heavy muscles and muscle tension. Dissolve a few drops of sweet orange essence in warm almond oil .
  • Astringent and smoothing properties Useful to add to a do-it-yourself tonic for those who have problems with dilated skin pores. It can help fight the imperfections of water retention combined with anti-cellulite massages. Its astringent properties are useful for treating acne and for oily hair.

Before using sweet orange essence for internal use, make sure you have purchased a suitable product. Experts recommend diluting 2-4 drops of sweet orange essential oil in a teaspoon of honey.

The essential oil of sweet orange in aromatherapy

Essential oil of sweet orange is popular in aromatherapy for its anti-anxiety and calm down. In aromatherapy it is used against anxiety and stress. Perfect to use as an air freshener in the room of a student about to take an exam. It is used as a natural remedy for other emotional ailments such as depression and nervousness.

Orange essential oil: price and where to buy it

The sweet orange essence can be purchased in herbalist’s shops or in shops specializing in the sale of natural products. It is also possible to buy orange essential oil online.

The only recommendation before buying is to read the product descriptions carefully and especially the comments of those who bought it: avoid products with too many negative reviews and prefer an organic essential oil : the active ingredients of essential oils are preserved only if the The production process is followed with extreme care in order to respect the characteristics of each plant. The price of sweet orange essential oil, in fact, varies a lot according to the starting cultivation method. A bottle of organic sweet orange essence is much more expensive than the same quantity produced using standard agricultural methods.

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