Tarantula Cubensis in homeopathy: properties, benefits and uses (all you need to know)

What is Tarantula cubensis?

Tarantula cubensis is a homeopathic remedy made from the venom of Citharacanthus spinicrus, the Cuban tarantula. It is used for painful inflammation, burning pain, severe exhaustion and weakness.

Examples of this are carbuncles, abscesses, ulcers, blood poisoning and local nail bed inflammation.

Leading symptoms

  • Black-blue boils, carbuncles
  • Burning sores in the mouth
  • Septic illnesses, blood poisoning
  • itching of the genitals

Information about the agent

Appearance of Tarantula cubensis

Tarantula cubensis suits people with impaired consciousness and motor restlessness. They are almost invariably tired; but have restless sleep and feel constantly rushed.


Tarantula cubensis is indicated for all typical symptoms, which are ameliorated or aggravated by the following modalities:


  • music
  • fast movement
  • Smoking


  • at night
  • with exertion
  • cold drinks
  • contact

What are typical areas of application for Tarantula cubensis?

  • ulcers
  • abscesses
  • nail bed inflammation

Dosage forms of Tarantula cubensis

Tarantula cubensis is administered in potencies between 6X and 12X. Attention: If you buy it yourself, there is a risk of confusion with Tarantula hispanica !

Effect of Tarantula cubensis

The homeopathic remedy Tarantula cubensis acts mainly on the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system.

Tarantula cubensis dosage

Tarantula cubensis is used in potencies 6X, 12X, 30X and 200X. The homeopathic remedy can be taken in the potency D6 up to five times a day. One dose is three globules. In the case of acute symptoms, it can be taken every half hour. As soon as the improvement occurs, the intake intervals are increased and the drug is taken when the improvement wears off again. Tarantula cubensis D12 can be taken up to twice a day. The potencies C30 and C200 are only taken once. Then wait as long as the improvement continues. This can last for days to weeks. Tarantula cubensis C30 or C200 is only taken once again if the condition deteriorates again.

Tarantula cubensis for dogs, horses and cats

Tarantula cubensis is mainly used in animals in the 6X potency. Areas of application in animals are tumors, abscesses, itching and weeping skin rashes and wounds that heal poorly. The homeopathic remedy Tarantula cubensis has proven itself in the treatment of mammary gland tumors and skin tumors in dogs. However, the application should be carried out by homeopathically experienced veterinarians or alternative animal practitioners in addition to medical treatment. A single treatment for a tumor is usually not enough. The intake should be continued over a longer period of time. When a new dose is indicated, the therapist recognizes changes in the condition of the dog. The aim of homeopathic concomitant treatment with Tarantula cubensis in veterinary medicine is to influence tumor growth. Tarantula cubensis is not indicated for every tumor, but the homeopathic remedy is selected individually based on the symptoms and modalities according to homeopathic teaching. Side effects in the treatment of animals have not been observed to date.

Tarantula cubensis side effects

So far, no side effects have been observed when taking the homeopathic remedy Tarantula cubensis. If there is an initial reaction when you start taking it, you should take a break and stop taking the drug. The symptoms of the initial reaction usually subside within a short time and the homeopathic remedy Tarantula cubensis can then be taken again. If the drug is overdosed, that is, taken too long or too often, a drug proving can occur in which the symptoms persist or even worsen. In this case, taking the homeopathic remedy should be stopped immediately and a homeopathic doctor or naturopath should be consulted.

fabric type: Poison of the tarantula


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