Terra Silicea for Herbal Naturopathy: properties, benefits, uses, side effects

Silica earth is a natural substance rich in silicic acid, which is useful for the health of nails, bones and hair. Let’s find out better.

Meaning of siliceous earth

Silica earth is a natural substance rich in silica (SiO 2). Many animals and plants use the silica present in both fresh and salt water, as long as it is below 18 ┬░ C, as a silicate ion.

Diatoms, radiolarianssiliceous sponges, many cereals and other plants, such as  sugar cane and horsetail, use this material as a scaffold for the development of skeletal structures.

Where is the siliceous earth

Siliceous earth is found in the shells of diatomsunicellular algae with a siliceous case, which appeared about 135 million years ago, of which both marine and freshwater species are known.

When these algae die, the shell, in contact with the ground, decomposes into a sort of fossil clay, called silcea earth. The form that can be assimilated by our body, for the absorption of silicon, is silicic acid.

Properties and use of siliceous earth

Silica earth is used in phytotherapy in the treatment of osteoarticular disorders (arthritis, arthrosis), and as an adjuvant in the outcomes of bone fractures and in osteoporosis, as it strengthens the connective tissue and that of the ligaments. 

In fact, silicic acid is one of the components of nails, hair, bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons and  skin, but also of blood vessels and lungs.

In addition to its structural functions, silicic acid plays an important role in the metabolism of bones and cartilages and on the immune system. A lack of silicic acid, in fact, in addition to causing the loss of elasticity of the connective tissues, causes brittleness of nails and hair, weakening of the bones and blood vessels. 

Furthermore, in case of wounds, this substance is able to bind pathogens, which have infiltrated the tissues, making them harmless and to stimulate the formation of new skin tissue, acting as a tissue repairer with healing properties,  even on wrinkles and stretch marks

Other fields of application are the strengthening of the body’s immune defenses, as well as the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Heartburn and gastritis respond quickly to treatment; the same happens in the case of intestinal inflammation with dysentery, as the toxic substances are bound by silicic acid and rapidly eliminated.

Contraindications of siliceous earth

It is important to drink plenty of water when taking silica earth, as silicon binds to liquids.

The use of siliceous earth has no side effects or contraindications, except in cases of severe nephropathies, which require the use of an artificial kidney. 

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