Treat a sore throat naturally with Homeopathy

Many sufferers of a sore throat try to get the typical symptoms of a cold under control with home remedies – but that is often not enough. If you want to relieve a sore throat and problems with swallowing naturally, it is best to use belladonna and other homeopathic active ingredients.

The immune system is particularly challenged in autumn and winter: Wet and cold weather, dry heating air and too little exercise in the fresh air impair the immune system. Diet is often not very rich in vitamins in winter either. The result is a cold or a flu-like infection with a sore throat, problems swallowing, hoarseness and coughing.

Sore throat relief with homeopathy

Those affected like to try to fight a sore throat with home remedies: drink a lot of herbal tea, warm compresses and neck wraps or gargle with sage preparations. Nature has even more to offer: Many natural active ingredients promise relief from sore throats and are used in homeopathic remedies.

Suitable homeopathic active ingredients for sore throat:

  • Ammonium bromatum: The ammonium salt is used for inflammation of the larynx and throat with hoarseness and a dry cough.
  • Apis mellifica is used for a stinging sore throat accompanied by problems with swallowing. The palate is pale red, while the uvula at the pharynx is greatly enlarged.
  • Argentum nitricum: Severe sore throat feels like it’s caused by a splinter lodged in the throat. In addition, there is increased mucus formation, hoarseness and the fact that those affected have to constantly clear their throat.
  • Arum triphyllum: When the larynx is sore and burning, Arum triphyllum can provide relief. If warmth worsens the symptoms and they get better in the fresh air, this active ingredient from the rhizome of the aroid is recommended.
  • Belladonna: The ingredients of deadly nightshade are mainly used for throbbing sore throats in connection with a very red throat. The tongue, on the other hand, is raspberry red. The sore throat is usually accompanied by fever. Affected people feel weak or react irritated.
  • Capsicum: The homeopathic active ingredient Capsicum is made from the paprika and is used to treat a burning sore throat and difficulty swallowing. If the symptoms improve with warmth and worsen drafts and cold, this active ingredient is suitable.
  • Hepar sulfuris: Can be used to help with a purulent sore throat. The pain in the throat is splinter-like.
  • Lachesis: Used for sore throats that are particularly bad after waking up in the morning. They usually only appear on the left side of the neck. Nevertheless, the entire neck and throat area turns deep red.
  • Lycopodium: An active ingredient is obtained from the moss-like plant club moss, which homeopathically relieves sore throats, among other things. A stuffy nose is also common.
  • Mercurius solubilis: At night, the pain in the throat is particularly pronounced and can often be located on the right. The tonsils and lymph nodes are swollen. Yellow or white coatings appear on the tongue.
  • Phytolacca: The pokeweed plant is used for sore throats and swallowing difficulties. The throat is dark red, the tonsils are swollen on the right side. The throat burns, the pain can spread to the neck, ear and shoulder.
  • Spongia: In addition to laryngeal cough, the roasted sponge is used for sore throats where the throat feels dry and sore. This can also cause a tickling or burning sensation in the throat.

A sore throat can be treated with homeopathy in the form of globules, drops or tablets. In addition to homeopathic individual remedies, complex remedies are available to those affected that combine several homeopathic active ingredients. For self-treatment, homeopathic remedies are usually recommended in potencies D6 to D12.

If you want to treat a sore throat with homeopathy, you should seek advice from an experienced homeopath or homeopathically trained pharmacist. As soon as the symptoms improve, the dosage is reduced. Once symptoms have disappeared, treatment should be discontinued.

Sore throat: Homeopathy also for children

Adults suffer from two to three colds a year, and the number is significantly higher for children: up to 12 flu infections and colds a year are considered normal by physicians. Parents are often in a dilemma here, because on the one hand many medicines are not approved at all or are only approved for children over a certain age. On the other hand, they want to help their offspring with a sore throat as naturally as possible. Homeopathy can be a possible treatment. Depending on how severe the sore throat is in the child and how the child describes it, the active ingredients listed above are suitable. If you are unsure, parents should seek advice from a homeopathic doctor.

Purulent inflammation, severe sore throat: when to see a doctor?

The flu-like infection is usually noticeable by a scratchy throat, which can quickly develop into a severe sore throat. Influenza, pharyngitis, tonsillitis or laryngitis, glandular fever and typical childhood diseases such as scarlet fever and mumps can also manifest themselves as a sore throat.

Because these diseases, some of which are serious, require medical treatment, those affected should consult a doctor at an early stage. This is especially true when

  • severe pain or high fever occurs
  • the symptoms start suddenly and very severely,
  • the tonsils are red or covered with a white coating,
  • the lymph nodes in the neck swell particularly badly,
  • in addition to a sore throat, abdominal pain and nausea can also occur.

In these cases, it can still make sense to use homeopathic remedies to relieve a sore throat in addition to conventional medical treatment.


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