Trikatu, the portentous Ayurvedic spice mix that promotes digestion

Trikatu is a very famous Ayurvedic herbal preparation consisting of multiple ingredients. It has a hot power and activates gastric and biliary secretion, therefore it is very useful in digestive processes.
Let’s get to know it more closely.

Trikatu: what it is and what it is made of

Trikatu is a very famous Ayurvedic herbal preparation. In Indian families, it is used as a regular spice. In the medical field, it is used alone or inserted in other more complex preparations to enhance the assimilation of the main components.

It has a hot power : it is therefore able to increase the body’s heat production and activate gastric and biliary secretion.

Trikatu is made up of the following ingredients, all powdered and in equal proportions:

  • black pepper ( piper nigrum )
  • long pepper ( piper longum )
  • ginger ( Zingiber officinale )

Let’s analyze them in more detail.

black pepper

Considered “the king of spices”, black pepper , especially Indian pepper, contains a high concentration of piperine, a substance that stimulates the taste buds which, in turn, stimulate the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes. In addition, it also tones the lining of the intestinal walls “. Finally, piperine increases the absorption of nutrients and phytonutrients present in various foods.

Long pepper

Long pepper stimulates micro-circulation and balances the bacterial flora. Furthermore, also in long pepper, we find an important amount of piperine which, as we have just explained, favors the digestive processes.


Known primarily as a remedy for nausea, ginger also promotes the expulsion of intestinal gas and aids digestion.

Trikatu: meaning

It is a compound term in Sanskrit language.
” Tri” means “three”, while “Katu” is an expression that indicates medicinal herbs of a hot and spicy nature.

Trikatu and Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, this three-spice blend is used to aid digestion and to stimulate Agni, the digestive fire.
Trikatu is a mixture consisting of ginger, black pepper and long pepper. According to the principles of Ayurveda, each of these spices performs a complementary function in synergy with the others to improve digestion. Always according to the Ayurvedic tradition, the product regulates the harmonic balance of the doshas by balancing 6 flavors.

Trikatu: ownership

Here is the list of the properties of the trikatu.

  • Digestive
  • Fat burning
  • Hypoglycemic
  • Antiviral
  • Expectorant
  • Carminative
  • Analgesic (moderately)
  • Antiemetic
  • Promotes the absorption of other products

Trikatu: benefits

By mixing together ginger, long pepper and black pepper, we obtain a compound that stimulates various processes.

In fact, in addition to promoting digestion, trikatu also allows you to better assimilate the nutrients present in food, helps eliminate all those toxic elements that can increase cholesterol levels and facilitates the expulsion of intestinal gas. But not only. It also affects liver functions and increases bile production and gallbladder emptying. Finally, it also stimulates the activity of the pancreas. It therefore performs a complete action on the entire digestive system.

While trikatu mainly affects the stomach, it also brings other benefits. Let’s summarize them below:

  • improves digestive processes
  • stimulates the appetite
  • burns fat
  • it is useful in case of colds and allergic rhinitis
  • facilitates the expulsion of gas in case of meteorism

Trikatu: method of use and dosage

Use in the kitchen

These three spicy spices make up a preparation that promotes digestive function, also improving the absorption of necessary nutrients and the breakdown of accumulated waste substances. The preparation also has a stimulating effect on appetite and promotes the reconstruction of the bacterial flora present in the digestive tract.

Used as a normal spice, trikatu can be added to many dishes during cooking. It goes well with many foods, such as meat, fish and legumes, but also with cheeses, both fresh and aged.

According to oriental customs, mixed with a little ghee (clarified butter) or honey is a perfect aperitif.

Use in medicine

In general, the recommended doses are 125 – 500mg twice a day to be diluted in hot water and pure honey.
There are also capsules.
However, dosages and methods of intake must be prescribed by a doctor: always avoid doing it yourself.

The trikatu is mainly spicy and, according to the Ayurveda tradition, this mix would help burn Ama, the metabolic waste. Precisely for this reason, the ancient holistic discipline recommends taking it especially in case of heavy meals or in spring, for a natural detoxification.

Where to buy

It is found in herbalist’s shops, natural products shops and also in particularly well-stocked ethnic shops. Of course, you can also buy it online.

Trikatu: contraindications

Being composed of three warming spices, which act in an active way especially in the intestine, the trikatu is not recommended in case of gastritis , ulcer, reflux , colitis , irritable bowel. And again, in case of constipation, conjunctivitis , haemorrhagic phenomena and pregnancy at risk.

Taken in excess, it can cause heartburn and reflux, a feeling of heat in the body and sweating.

During pregnancy, take only under medical supervision.


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