What are the benefits of cranberry juice?

In addition to being rich in antioxidants and preventing the formation of tumors, cranberry juice is a rich source of calcium, which helps keep bones and teeth strong. 

Over the past two or three years, it has become increasingly common to find cranberry juice for sale in the supermarket . However, is drinking it as beneficial or harmful as other drinks on the market?

The answer is that you can consume it, but never in excess and making sure you buy the most natural preparation possible. It is important to check the labels and avoid those products that contain sugars and preservatives.

Although blueberries are very small compared to other fruits, they constitute a great source of water . It is for this reason, for their flavor and their properties, that blueberries were widely used by Native American tribes.

The amount of antioxidants contained in this juice makes it an excellent ally of diets. These nutrients, in fact, are present much more in blueberries than in broccoli and spinach, for example. It is therefore a great idea to serve your children a glass.

If you want to find out all the benefits you can get from cranberry juice, keep reading our article.

Antitumor action

This property of cranberry juice is due to the presence of polyphenols , which  prevent the development and spread of tumors , especially in the lungs, breasts, colon and prostate.

Blood clots are another factor that promotes the formation of tumors in the body. Since cranberry juice has a high salicylic acid content, it helps fight inflammation.

Furthermore, thanks to its flavonoid content, this juice is also excellent for blocking the development of various harmful cells . This is why drinking natural cranberry juice prevents the formation and growth of tumors.

Prevents the formation of cavities

The proanthocyanidins are a type of polyphenols in blueberries that are designed to fight harmful bacteria that stick to the teeth and reduce the production of acid. These two functions protect our teeth from periodontal disease and plaque buildup.

Cranberry juice, accompanied by good oral hygiene, is perfect for taking care of your mouth. Just remember that this property won’t work if you drink industrial juices, because these products contain too much sugar.

Strengthens the bones of the teeth

Cranberry juice contains a large amount of calcium . For this reason, if you suffer from problems such as osteoporosis, we recommend that you add half a glass of cranberry juice to your daily diet.

Many of the companies that make this juice often add calcium to the final product. In case you decide to consume these products, we advise you to choose the one with the lowest amount of sugar.

While ignoring the amount of sugar can be tempting, remember that there is no point in consuming the right amount of calcium if you run into more serious problems. Remember that this natural product already contains a lot of sugars.

Improve cardiovascular health

Cranberry juice can be useful in reducing the risk of suffering from heart disease thanks to the high content of flavonoids.

These substances perform the function of antioxidants , reducing the chances of suffering from problems such as atherosclerosis , a disease caused by an excessive amount of fat, calcium and cholesterol accumulating in the blood and reducing the size of the arteries.

The danger of arteriosclerosis is due to the fact that it obstructs the blood flow and makes the quantity of oxygen that reaches the different parts of the body insufficient. When the right treatment is not followed, it is possible to suffer from other problems as well, such as heart attacks or strokes.

Another benefit of cranberry juice is its ability to eliminate toxic substances from the blood . This purifying action is important for preventing liver disease.

Fights obesity

By drinking cranberry juice, you will help the body to remove and eliminate the accumulated fat thanks to its organic acids. Obviously, however, remember that adding this drink to your diet does not mean forgetting about physical exercise or the need for a balanced diet .

A healthy diet, in fact, will prevent you from introducing unnecessary fats into the body; moreover, with physical exercise, you will eliminate the accumulations of fat that are already there.

Furthermore, cranberry juice facilitates the elimination of accumulated fat in the body. However, on its own, this drink won’t help you shed the extra pounds you have.

Drink half a glass of cranberry juice a day to improve your health

After reading all this, you will surely want to drink a nice glass of cranberry juice. It’s a great idea for your health, but only if you pay attention to the portions .

The taste of this drink can be very sweet which is why it is difficult for many people to get used to drinking it. If this is your case, then we recommend adding it to smoothies or diluting it with a little water.

If, on the other hand, you are among those who cannot give up fizzy drinks, because you miss the bubbles, then you can try this recipe:


  • ½ liter of cranberry juice
  • ½ liter of sparkling water
  • Ice to taste


Mix all the ingredients well. You will get a much healthier refreshing drink than the usual fizzy drinks. You can increase or decrease the amount of juice depending on how sweet you want your drink to be .

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