What is Australian flower therapy?

Using the therapeutic power of flower essences is an ancient art, common to many cultures. Both Australian repertoires originate from aboriginal traditions and from the observation of the rich Australian vegetation : Ian White’s Australian Bush Flowers, and the Living Essences of Australia. Let’s find out better.

The isolation and rich Australian vegetation

Australia is a very ancient land, called the “fossil continent”: in its immensity it has numerous plant and animal species that have disappeared in the rest of the world, or even never existed in other parts of the world. Its isolation from the rest of the world has favored the conservation of nature and of the very rich and uncontaminated vegetation, with unique characteristics. 

Prairies, plateaus, deserts, coral islands, hills, swamps, steppes, mountains, jungles, rain forests are some typologies of the vastness and variety of Australian natural landscapes, to which must be added the typical wild bush rich in eucalyptus, called ‘bush’, with a characteristic aromatic scent. Even in winter it is possible to see the spectacle of colors of the different varieties of flowers here.

Australia has a great variety of flowers with the most varied shapes and very intense colors and scents that bloom in every season of the year; this is why Australia is called ‘the kingdom of flowers’.

Both Australian repertoires have roots in ancient aboriginal origins as well as in the Doctrine of the Signatures of Paracelsus, a medical healer of the sixteenth century, and in the traditions common to many cultures of all times, in which the therapeutic use of flowers and plants has always been present. , often forgotten and then rediscovered. 

Australian flower therapy

Australian flowers constitute a harmonious integration, development and expansion of flower therapy, that of ancient traditions and that of Dr Bach’s English, touching new and more modern areas such as communication, sexuality, creativity. There has been little research in this field, which was then resumed in different parts of the world around the 70s and 80s of the last century, finally recognizing the importance of floral essences. effectiveness they deserve.

Thanks to the energy and ancient wisdom, to the vitality present in the Australian continent, the essences of the bush were considered by White as determinants for the universal emotional and spiritual growth, not only of Australia. For the Barnao couple, research and studies on Living Essences are aimed at fully exploiting the potential of flower remedies in every field and in synergy with other therapeutic approaches, such as acupuncture. For them, flower essences represent the bridge between the human being and the natural balance of his original state.

Quickness and effectiveness now recognized in Australian flower therapy make it possible to remember that flower essences heal by guiding the individual towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony.

The path of healing will always bring into play all the deepest components of the human being: flower essences promote healing at all levels in a gentle but profound and definitive way, giving that inner wisdom that then allows us to help the planet and raise the awareness of those who live there.

Australian Flower Essence

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