Which foods are rich in Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that is abundant in our body but whose presence decreases as we age. Formed by different combinations of amino acids such as glycine, arginine or proline, this fibrous protein is essential for the maintenance of connective tissue and plays a fundamental role in the good condition of our basic structures: bones, ligaments, skin… As the years go by, the capacity for collagen production is reduced, favoring the onset of cell deterioration, something that can be delayed with healthy lifestyle habits and also with a balanced diet, which includes foods that provide it or help increase its production. Do you want to know what are the foods with collagen? Discover them in this article and make them part of the healthiest menus that help you stay young for longer.


Foods of animal origin are the only ones that can provide us with collagen directly and, among them, meat is the main source from which to obtain a considerable amount, especially if we opt for those pieces that include connective tissue ( ligaments, cartilage, tendons ) . ..). Chicken, beef, pork, lamb… the proteins of high biological value of the meat and the presence of collagen, especially in fibrous pieces, marbled or that are usually cooked with skin or bones, such as ossobuco, morcillo, ribs of pork or chicken (for example roast) make this food a source of health and youth always with a moderate and balanced consumption.


As a vegetable, it does not directly provide collagen, but the particular composition of the onion, in which the high sulfur content stands out, makes it a precursor for the correct formation of collagen in our body. For this and for more reasons, it should be consumed regularly.

Blue Fish

We know that there are many benefits of oily fish for its contribution in healthy fatty acids, but, in addition, salmon, tuna or sardines are also an important source of collagen, essential for keeping bones and joints in good condition, in addition to delaying skin aging. Its secret lies in the presence of essential amino acids, such as lysine and collagen that store fat, present under the skin, and bones.

orange and lemon

Citrus fruits in general cannot be missing from a balanced diet as a whole, since the presence of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is essential for the synthesis of collagen to occur correctly in our body, thus helping to slow down the action of free radicals and to maintain the correct levels of the coveted ‘protein of youth’.


As in the previous case, it is the presence of vitamins, especially C, and also minerals, such as magnesium, which is essential for the formation of collagen, which makes strawberries, blackberries or blueberries excellent allies when it comes to to increase the presence of this protein in the body as a whole.


The egg is a superfood that stores both its yolk and its white with complete protein, of high nutritional value as it provides all the amino acids that our cells require. Its rich composition stimulates the action of fibroblasts, which generate the necessary collagen to, among other beneficial effects, maintain skin elasticity . Much of the collagen in the egg is found in the membrane that covers the inside of the shell, a natural component with multiple possibilities when making regenerating skin masks.


Natural gelatin, which is obtained mainly from animal bones and cartilage, is a common ingredient in different food preparations, especially traditional gelatin desserts, which are actually pure protein essential for the formation of collagen.

bones and thorns

It is precisely in the bones and spines where the greatest amount of collagen is concentrated that we can obtain directly, so including them in a meat or fish broth is an excellent option to follow a balanced diet that is also rich in collagen.


There are three components present in green asparagus that make them an ideal food to increase collagen levels, favoring its synthesis: magnesium, vitamin C and arginine, which contains its vegetable protein. The latter is one of the amino acids that cannot be missing to maintain collagen synthesis and the health of our skin.


Nuts in general and taken in moderate amounts are part of a balanced diet. Among them, walnuts stand out for their high content of healthy fatty acids but, in addition, they also have a good amount of another of the essential amino acids in the formation of collagen: proline, a small treasure that will help keep the basic body structures.

Now that you know all these foods rich in collagen.


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