Why is it good not to make the bed in the morning?

We are often used to making the bed in the morning to prevent our room from looking untidy. There are valid reasons not to do this

Making the bed is one of the activities that most people do every morning, after getting up  or in the morning. We consider that this activity is essential for our home to be well organized and our room to appear very comfortable when we enter it.

However, and despite the fact that most people are used to making their beds every day,  a recent study published by the University of Kingston (in London, Great Britain),  ensures that making the bed is not as good a habit as it seems and that it can even have negative effects on health.

Why not make the bed?

To confirm that making the bed can be harmful to health,  the researchers reveal that perfectly fitting the sheets and quilt makes the bed a perfect place for mites and where they can lead their lives .

Specifically, scholars argue that when we make the bed, we cover the mites and arachnids that live in the same sheets. This helps to increase their life expectancy.

It turns out that, even if we don’t notice it, sheets and quilts have moisture and heat, which are generated due to the sweat we produce while we sleep. This humidity combined with poor ventilation favors the perfect habitat for mites. These can easily propagate and live for a long time without us noticing.

By promoting the formation of an ideal environment for mites, we are more prone to suffer from asthma, eczema or dermatitis, hay fever, various respiratory allergies and even insomnia. In fact, research shows that a made bed can host up to 1.5 million mites. As a result, there is a high risk of developing one of these diseases.

To avoid diseases caused by mites, it is best to fight them by avoiding making the bed as soon as we get up.

When we don’t make the bed, the mites can be eliminated more easily, especially if we favor the ventilation of our bedroom .

How to avoid the formation of mites

The mites can be eliminated with fresh air and exposure to the sun,  that is, to prevent them from spreading in our bed, the ideal is to leave the sheets in disorder and open the window of our alcove.

Pretlove also stated that many insects can be eliminated with various cleaning products and using a vacuum cleaner.

However, he made it clear that mites cannot be eliminated in the same way. Therefore it is advisable to ventilate the bedroom frequently, wash the sheets and quilts regularly and above all to expose them to the sun.

In conclusion,  the researcher argues that the results obtained from the research may be the key in the prevention of diseases of allergic origin or similar. This could help in the care of them.

Those who do not particularly dedicate themselves to making the bed, therefore, will now have one more reason not to do it. Those who do it frequently, however, especially after getting up, should start to consider the advice offered to avoid the propagation and life expectancy of the mites, in order to prevent the aforementioned diseases.

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