Wisteria: properties, benefits and uses (Australian Flower Essence and Remedy)

Wisteria is an Australian flower remedy made from Wisteria sinensis. Suitable for men and women who are tense and unable to relax in intimacy, it promotes sexual pleasure and greater relaxation. Let’s find out better.

Description of the plant

Wisteria sinensis – Wisteria is a genus of climbing plants of the Fabaceae (or Leguminosae) family known by the common name of wisteria. Wisteria grow by wrapping around any support in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, both horizontally and vertically. 

Wisteria grows on the east coast of the United States, from where it was imported to Europe in 1700. A century later, however, Asian varieties arrived from the East, and more precisely from China and Japan. The plant was also introduced in Australia in the early 19th century.

In oriental culture the wisteria represents friendship; it is said that the Japanese Emperors, during the long travels of representation, brought with them wisteria bonsai; when they arrived in foreign places they were preceded by the men of their entourage, who supported small flowering wisteria trees, in order to make known their intentions, friendly and respectful, for the inhabitants of those lands. The meaning that the gift of wisteria has preserved is that of a sign of availability and also a proof of friendship.

The wisteria is a climbing shrub, rustic and woody, with robust roots that expand easily, sinuous branches, which reach up to 30 meters in height depending on the support.

It has large dark green leaves, 30 cm long, and fragrant flowers, with papilionaceous corolla of blue-lilac or mauve color, gathered in showy hanging clusters 20-30 cm long, with blooms in late winter and early spring. 

Property of Wisteria

  • Indicated for women who do not feel comfortable with sexuality, who fear intimacy.
  • For men and women tense and unable to relax in intimacy and sexuality, and for ‘macho’ men who hide their gentler and gentler side.
  • Particularly useful in cases where problems with intimacy are due to past harassment or abuse. In this case it is useful to also associate Fringed Violet.
  • Promotes sexual pleasure and greater relaxation in intimacy, openness and kindness in relationships in general.

Wisteria is contained in the Physical Wellness and Sexuality Compounds. In the LOVE SYSTEM line it is available in Sensuality body and environment spray, Body Love cream, Intensive delicate eye contour serum, Night Gratitude filling cream, Energy body emulsion dynamizing day Citrus, Relax body emulsion evening relaxing pink.

Preparation and use

In a 30 ml bottle, combine ¾ of natural water and ¼ of brandy to preserve the product; add 7 drops for each chosen flower. 7 drops of this personal blend are taken under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before bed. The drops can also be applied locally as well, combined with neutral cream as a carrier, in the bath water or vaporized in the environment to create a harmonious place.

They can also be prepared without brandy, making sure that they do not degrade (if necessary, the preparation is repeated). They can be diluted in a little water or herbal tea, even for children.

The association with Flannel Flower is indicated for men who cannot express their sweet and feminine side, which they repress with a ‘tough’ image.

While the association with Fringed Violet is indicated in cases of abuse, harassment and violence for the emotional and physical wounds caused by such events that limit and prevent intimate relationships.

Boab, on the other hand, could be useful to associate it when it is family or social beliefs and models that make sexuality and intimacy difficult.

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