Adol, Australian flowers for adolescence

Adol is the compound of Australian Bush Flower Essences that was created to deal with the typical problems of the adolescent phase, but is useful for everyone, not just for adolescents. The characteristic themes of adolescence, lived in any case even in adulthood, concern self-acceptance, interpersonal relationships and communication, emotional balance, participation in social life, interaction with the family from which you try to become independent, the relationship and acceptance of your body changing.

The composition Adol

The compound consists of the following single flowers:

  • Billy Goat Plum is specific for the problems concerning the acceptance and the relationship with the body and all its modifications typical of adolescence, and towards all that which creates the idea of ​​’dirty’. Also useful for skin problems, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, warts, which combine to cause a feeling of an “unclean” body. Also in general for everything that creates the idea of ​​’not clean, dirty’ (sexuality, environments, situations).
  • Boab is the remedy that helps to eliminate mechanisms and influences of acquired and limiting family models, favoring individual and independent personal growth.  
  • Bottlebrush promotes balance in the mother – child relationship and vice versa. Furthermore, it is useful for promoting all types of change, situations (school, friendships, home) or phases of life, such as adolescence, helping precisely in moments of inadequacy, uncertainty and apprehension for changes.
  • Dagger Hakea is indicated for the management of anger and resentment  for the closest people, favoring a better openness and expression of one’s feelings in a balanced way. Useful for the liver abused by a toxic diet (alcohol, smoking, fast food) and by hormonal changes. 
  • Five Corners is a flower for self-esteem and self -acceptance, ideal for promoting self-care in the body and respecting one’s energy, in relationships with family, friends, with authority figures. 
  • Flanner Flower favors a better physical and verbal approach, with greater sensitivity and kindness in contacting and getting closer to others (friends and loved ones).
  • Kangaroo Paw, the flower that resembles the paw of the kangaroo, half red and half green, as if to indicate the stage of maturation and change of adolescence. The remedy favors a better attention to the needs of others, as well as to themselves, thus allowing you to feel at ease even with those who have needs and personalities different from ours. 
  • Red Helmet Orchid is the remedy that favors the balanced relationship between father and son, and also relationships with authoritarian and authority figures, such as teachers, for example.
  • Southern Cross is useful for the tendency to victimhood, it promotes personal power through the awareness and responsibility of one’s actions and behaviors to create one’s own reality and life. 
  • Sunshine Wattle, the remedy that promotes optimism, acceptance in the present and a positive vision of things and situations.
  • Tall Yellow Top has an antidepressant action and in the experiences of loneliness, often experienced in adolescence and in other phases of life. It favors socialization, sharing, adaptation in the group and in new and different situations. 

Adol’s recommendations for use 

Drops – 7 drops in the morning and evening

The compound can also be indicated for adults and children, not only for the adolescent range. 

It can be repeated periodically or for a certain period of time, according to the stages of growth and evolution of the adolescent or the person concerned. As it contains many flowers, it is advisable not to add others, with the exception of Emergency and Stress Stop. It is advisable, if necessary, to customize the choice of remedies according to the needs of the person.

Australian Flower Essence

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