Homeopathic painkillers for back pain

According to the back pain study, 85 percent of people experience back pain at least once in their lives. In most cases, muscular tension due to poor posture and stress is the cause. In addition to targeted exercise and relaxation techniques, homeopathy can also offer gentle support.

The average people spends around seven hours of his waking hours sitting. Desk workers even average 9.6 hours a day. But man was not made to sit. The increasing immobility disturbs the harmonious interaction of the body parts with each other and leads to functional disorders between the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments involved. This can result in postural damage with sometimes extremely painful tension that causes back pain.

Active against back pain: More exercise and a balanced load

In order to actively prevent back pain caused by tension, it is important to move more overall and avoid possible improper strain. This often includes taking the stairs instead of the lift, covering short distances on foot or by bike and slipping on sneakers in your free time instead of picking up the remote control. In the case of tension caused by stress, relaxation techniques such as yoga, autogenic training or muscle relaxation can also help. In addition, the workplace should be designed to be back-friendly and existing excess weight should be reduced.

Don’t skimp!

Acute back pain should always be checked out by a doctor. In most cases, however, there is no serious physical cause behind it, but rather tension caused by incorrect and excessive strain, which usually disappears on its own. This works fastest if everyday activities are maintained and a protective posture is avoided. In order to make this easier in the case of acute pain, pain-relieving medication and ointments can be administered temporarily. In addition, homeopathy also offers well-tolerated medicines.

Homeopathy for back pain and tension

In addition to homeopathic individual remedies, homeopathic combination drugs, especially in the form of ointments, are used to treat back pain and tension.

The following active ingredients have proven particularly effective:

  • Arnica montana: Arnica can be of good service for back pain caused by overloading the muscles with aching muscles in the back.
  • Nux vomica: The homeopathic medicine from the vomica nut is used when the back pain is caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle with mainly sedentary work. Muscle hardening here means that you can hardly turn over in bed.
  • Rhus toxicodendron: The homeopathic medicine from the poisonous ivy can provide relief for aching back pain including radiating to the arm or leg after a herniated disc or due to an awkward movement.
  • Bryonia: If the back and neck pain is stabbing and the stiff muscles are due to anger, stress or a change in the weather, the homeopathic remedy made from white bryony is the right remedy.
  • Belladonna: If you have sudden onset sciatica pain, usually on the right side, that gets worse after sitting for a long time, Belladonna can help.
  • Calcium carbonicum: If painful lumbago occurs with weak back muscles due to lifting or unusual physical movement, the administration of Calcium carbonicum can have a positive effect.


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