Homeopathy for Stress

Frequent overtime, trouble with the boss, stress in everyday life and the family – if too many things have to be done at once, this can lead to acute overload. In order to remain calm even in such difficult phases, homeopathy can provide valuable support.

The world seems to be turning faster and faster. According to a study, more than half of people feel stressed. The reasons for this are primarily time and performance pressure at work, school and training, closely followed by high demands on oneself. However, constant availability and the care of relatives are also important stressors. Multiple burdens are also perceived as particularly stressful when several requirements from job, family and household have to be reconciled.

Stress is a natural reaction of the body

Anyone who speaks of stress almost always means negative, stressful stress. In principle, stress is not a bad thing, but a completely natural reaction of the body, which was essential for Stone Age man’s survival. If, for example, when a saber-tooth tiger attacks, the aim is to defend oneself or to flee, the acute release of adrenaline and cortisol in the body ensures a rapid increase in the body’s willingness to perform. As the blood pressure rises and the pulse races, the whole body is better supplied with energy, the muscles are activated and the senses are sharpened to master the acute challenge. Once the danger is over, the phase of exhaustion follows. The hormone release is normalized again and body and mind can recover.

Constant stress makes you sick

A job interview, a speech in front of a large audience, an argument or an accident while parking – everyone knows short-term stress. When periods of acute exertion are followed by periods of relaxation, body and mind can recover. The system comes into balance and there is no damage to health.

However, if these recovery phases are missing or if the stressful situation lasts too long, the organism is no longer able to get sufficiently far into the balancing relaxation. A spiral begins that can really make you ill. Typical signs of stress that makes you ill are a variety of symptoms and signs of illness, such as sleep disorders, constant tiredness, headaches and backache, high susceptibility to infections, digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, but also depression, anxiety and concentration disorders.

Homeopathy for inner balance

Anyone who notices such signs in themselves or others should take them seriously and have them checked out medically as soon as possible. If left untreated, they can take on a chronic course and ultimately lead to complete burnout (burnout). Special relaxation techniques such as yoga, autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation can be used in a targeted manner in stressful times to provide the necessary relaxation balance. Of course, it is also important to identify the individual stressors and to try to eliminate them as far as possible. Certain homeopathic medicines can also be used as a supplement and support, which help to strengthen and support the body and mind in stressful times, with particularly few side effects.

Homeopathy against stress: typical potencies and their dosage

For self-treatment, low potencies of 3X to 12X are commonly used. However, choosing the right homeopathic medicine is not always easy. If there are any uncertainties, an experienced homeopath should be asked for advice if possible, who can use a detailed anamnesis to determine the right remedy as well as the appropriate potency and dosage for each individual case.

Relaxation-enhancing homeopathic medicines

The following homeopathic medicines can be used to help with stress in order to regain inner balance:

  • Acidum phosphoricum: Homeopathic phosphoric acid is the first choice remedy for weakness and exhaustion caused by physical and mental overexertion. Typical symptoms of Acidum phosphoricum are daytime sleepiness, lack of drive and concentration problems. Despite the persistent tiredness during the day, those affected often cannot sleep at night and feel weak and scattered and embarrassed or forget a lot during the day. 
  • Sepia: Sepia is a classic homeopathic women’s remedy with a deep and broad effect. It is particularly suitable for women, but also for men who suffer from multiple burdens from work and family. Those affected also usually place particularly high demands on themselves and tend towards perfectionism. Typical symptoms of Sepia include irritability from exhaustion, headaches, trouble sleeping, and mental withdrawal. Treatment with sepia can help these people become a little more relaxed overall.
  • Bryonia: Annoyed, irritable mood as well as sharp, stabbing pains in the back, the joints and headaches are typical key symptoms for treatment with homeopathic bryony. Bryonia is the right remedy, especially when the symptoms improve in fresh air and when lying on the affected side, but worsen when exposed to heat and movement.
  • Phophorus: An important homeopathic medicine for fears and weakness is also phosphorus. Typical of Phosphorus are trembling states of restlessness, hypersensitivity to smells, noises and light, burning headaches, back and stomach pains, migraines and bleeding. The constitutional remedy acts primarily on the nervous system and has a calming effect on the psyche in the event of overstimulation.
  • Zincum metallicum: Zincum metallicum is also considered a classic against typical stress symptoms such as exhaustion, physical restlessness, sleep disorders, daytime tiredness and headaches. Homeopathic zinc is also used for other nervous disorders such as dizziness, grinding teeth and headaches.
  • Lycopydium: Lycopydium is considered a homeopathic flatulent for acute digestive problems, which often occur in connection with fear of failure, stage fright and test anxiety. Club moss patients often feel overwhelmed with everyday tasks and react very irritated as a result. They also like to cover up their fears and self-doubt with arrogant and domineering behavior. Lycopydium can help boost self-esteem to approach tasks more calmly.
  • Nux vomica: Irritability and short temper due to lack of sleep and substance abuse are symptoms that speak in favor of treatment with Nux vomica. Nux vomica patients are often real workhorses who literally drive in the fast lane and constantly rush from appointment to appointment. They often suffer from problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night, brood a lot and like to use alcohol as a sedative and coffee as a stimulant. Nux vomica, the vomit nut, can help these patients become calmer overall.


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