Homeopathy Treatment for autumn depression

When the days start getting shorter again in autumn, the influence of light decreases, and temperatures drop, the body begins to adjust to the changes. Many people not only react physically to this change, but also show psychological symptoms. One speaks here of the typical “autumn depression“, colloquially also of the “autumn blues”.

Homeopathy offers several ways to relieve symptoms in a gentle, natural way and to support the body, mind and soul in adapting to external changes.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for fall depression that best suits your situation.

Aurum metallicum

Pondering, sleep disorders, circulatory problems D12, three times a day


Melancholy, especially for the elderly D30, once a day


Time change, suitable for patients who work shifts D12, three times a day


Susceptibility to infection, diarrhea, fever, tiredness D6, three to five times a day, in the case of acute need, every hour

Potassium iodate

Stinging cough and runny nose, joint inflammation, rheumatic complaints D12, three times a day

Potassium phosphoricum

Headache, nervous indigestion D30, once a day

Potassium sulfuricum

Inflammation of the airways (cough, runny nose, bronchitis, ear infections), general weakness of the immune system, joint pain D6, three times a day

Sodium chlorate

Low blood pressure, severe irritability, constipation D6 three times a day

Nux vomica

Compensation of side effects of vaccination, sleep awakening D12 three times a day for two to four weeks


Insomnia, even in children D6 at bedtime


Weakness, hypersensitivity to light and noise D12, three times a day


Exhaustion, sadness, typical for women 6X or 12X three times a day


Excessive sleepiness and exhaustion, strong feelings of anxiety and loss 30X once a day, in acute symptoms 12X five times a day


Moodiness, temper tantrums, skin problems 6X, 3 times a day or 30X once a day

Causes of autumn depression

Autumn depression is not an illness in the medical sense, but it can last for several weeks. Rather, it is understood as a temporary episode in which body, mind and soul have to adjust to another season with changed climatic and everyday conditions. Some people find this change very easy, while others react very sensitively to the changed light, time and climate conditions. In particular, the time change causes many people additional discomfort, because here the biorhythm is challenged in a completely new way. Sleeping habits, food intake and the whole daily routine have to be reorganized.

The immune system is running at full speed during this time. Allergies, colds and flu infections are increasing significantly. Anyone who gets vaccinated against the flu may also have to deal with the side effects. 

Symptoms of autumn depression

  • headache
  • insomnia
  • increased susceptibility to infection
  • dejection
  • fatigue
  • listlessness
  • irritability

Further tips and information on treatment

In addition to the listed homeopathic remedies, you should get enough exercise – if possible outdoors – and pay attention to a vitamin-rich, mainly basic, balanced diet. Homeopathic therapy with autologous blood can also be considered to improve the constitution. The remedies listed below can be combined with each other, but ideally you should limit yourself to a maximum of three remedies at the same time after comparing them with the respective appearance. Long-lasting symptoms should always be medically clarified.


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