Homeopathy Treatment for irritability and anger

Irritability and anger are negative moods that are usually mutually dependent. As a spontaneous emotional affect, anger is often the reaction to a situation that is either perceived as unpleasant or undesirable. Anger can be triggered by a variety of reasons, such as a memory of an event or a person.

Homeopathic remedies can have a regulating effect on the psyche and gently relieve excessive irritability. 

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for irritability, anger that best suits your situation.


in an extremely bad mood. Especially for patients who are more sober and reserved. When they are ill, they need their rest and want to be alone.


violent fits of anger, especially in children. Patients are very sensitive to pain and nervous. Important children’s remedy for children who want to be carried around and who can’t be helped.


Rapid excitability to the point of hysteria, triggered by grief or jealousy. Patient tends to blame himself, is easily hurt and offended.

Nux vomica

Irritability up to outbursts of anger, in which things are thrown. Triggers are overwork and stress. Patient is impatient, highly competitive, hates being stuck in traffic and being contradicted.

Hyoscyamus niger

The patient shows an excessive need for control, strong jealousy and angry envy. He tends to contradictory emotional outbursts and extreme self-expression, pushing for an unrestricted center position. Displayed predominantly in children with striking, self-promoting behavior that tends toward exhibitionism.

Irritability is caused by anger and frustration

Not only can irritability accompany anger, it is often caused by it. Anger usually means experiencing frustration that triggers negative feelings. If this mood is acutely present, many people react irritably to undesirable facts or actions of fellow human beings.

Causes of irritability

However, irritability can be triggered not only by annoying events, but also by unfavorable life circumstances. An excess of professional stress or private obligations often leads to irritability as a consequence.

Also physiological reasons such as

  • lack of sleep over a long period of time
  • cloudy weather
  • the implementation of a diet (empty stomach),
  • Withdrawal from tobacco or alcohol as well
  • General stress (regardless of whether it is family or professional stress)

can put you in an irritable mood.

Symptoms of irritability and anger

are e.g. B.

  • Impatience,
  • inner unrest
  • inappropriate assessment of situations,
  • unfair behavior towards fellow human beings,
  • nervousness,
  • Aggressiveness,
  • difficulty concentrating,
  • Demotivation,
  • tearfulness,
  • The anxiety attack
  • sleep disorders and
  • Fatigue.


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