Homeopathy Treatment for mastitis

Inflammation of the mammary gland (mastitis) usually occurs after childbirth during childbirth or while breastfeeding. Typical symptoms are pain, redness and swelling. Possible accompanying symptoms are hardening of the chest and fever.

Homeopathic remedies promote healing and are used to relieve pain.

Note: Medical advice should be sought in the event of breast infection. Homeopathic remedies can be used concomitantly.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for mastitis that best suits your situation.


Sudden, painful inflammation of the mammary glands. Trigger often cold or shock. Worse at night and in warm room. Improvement in the fresh air.


Inflammation of the chest with stabbing pains. The chest is swollen and hard. Aggravated by touch and by the slightest jolt or movement. Better by firm pressure and lying still.


Inflammation of the breast with cracked nipples, burning pain and itching. scratching worse. Worse also in the warmth of bed and after contact with water.

Potassium chlorate

Inflammation of the mammary glands in men and inflammation of the mammary glands in women, with tenderness and swelling.

Barium iodate

Hardened mammary glands.

Amelioration from heat


Sudden chest inflammation with pulsating, throbbing pain. The breast is hot and very sensitive to the touch. Ameliorated by warm compresses.


Inflammation of the breast with extremely severe pain and in connection with great irritability. Worse at night and from anger. Better with warm compresses.

Hepar sulfuris

Inflammation of the breast with stinging, splinter-like pains and the beginning of pus formation. The breast is very sensitive to pain and touch. Worse from cold. Better from warmth and warm compresses.

Mercurius solubilis

Inflammation of the breast with swollen, cracked and easily bleeding nipples. Sweats during the night and on the slightest physical exertion. Worse at night. Better with lukewarm compresses.

During lactation


Main remedy for breast inflammation caused by engorgement. Alternating symptoms and radiating pain. The chest is sore and tender. Accompanying mood swings and worries about the child. Better from cold compresses.

Lac caninum

Painful inflammation of the mammary glands with flow of milk. The remedy supports weaning.

Agnus castus

Too much or too little milk production, with permanent milk flow and difficulties weaning.


Breast inflammation caused by engorgement or bacteria. The breasts are swollen and itchy inside. The nipples are cracked and sore.

Urtica urens

Difficulty breastfeeding due to insufficient milk flow and engorgement. Difficult weaning due to spontaneously leaking breast milk.


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