Homeopathy Treatment for Sniffles

The above-average secretion of a mucus-like secretion through the nose is referred to as a cold. It is often a symptom of a nasal infection called rhinitis. This is most commonly associated with a cold.

The cold itself defines a collection of different symptoms. Sneezing and the urge to sneeze, as well as itching and excessive secretion, can be a sign of a cold and its causes. Swelling of the nasal mucosa, which makes breathing difficult, and burning pain can also be signs.

Homeopathic remedies are used to liquefy mucus, make blowing your nose easier, and alleviate associated ailments.

Which homeopathic remedies help?

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy for colds that best suits your situation.


Chronic rhinitis with watery or mucous discharge.


Cold with mucous secretion and itching in the nose. The patients have a violent urge to sneeze without being able to sneeze.

Mercury is corrosive

Very severe coryza with burning in the nostrils. The mucous membranes are swollen, dry red and covered with bloody mucus.

Mercury yellow

Runny nose with accumulation of mucus in the nose and hearing loss. The nasal mucous membranes are swollen.


Chronic runny nose with mucus formation. The patients can no longer smell anything and get nosebleeds when washing.

Yellowish discharges

Kalium bichromicum

viscous, yellowish, stringy nasal discharge, often with a hoarse voice and scratchy throat. Easily lodges in the sinuses, causing uncomfortable pressure in the nose and forehead. Very helpful for sniffling children.


alternating runny and sticky cold with mild, thick, green-yellow nasal secretion. This leads to a deterioration in the sense of smell. Worse evening and night. Fresh air and outdoor exercise improve symptoms.


General tendency to cold, one-sided symptoms with purulent, green-yellow sputum

Cistus canadensis

Chronic or recurrent runny nose with thick yellow discharge and cold sensation in nose and throat. Aggravated by cold and inhalation of cold air.

Runny nose

Garlic onion

Running cold with a sharp, sore nasal discharge and frequent sneezing. Weeping eyes and hoarse voice, often as a result of cold and wind.


for colds and hay fever with watery, acrid nasal discharge and sore upper lip.


mild coryza with watery nasal secretion and burning tears. Often in connection with frequent sneezing attacks. The eyes are red and swollen.

Sodium chloride

Runny nose with runny nose and frequent fits of sneezing. Also for hay fever and chronic colds with nosebleeds

Nux vomica

Runny nose with severe itching in the nose, often in connection with a headache. Symptoms are stronger in the morning. Triggers are cold, draft and stress.

Potassium nitricum

Runny nose in the open air and a cold in closed rooms. The nose is sore.


Violent sneezing and runny nose. The nasal discharge is caustic and makes the skin around the nose sore.

With sneezing fits

Arum triphyllum

Corrosive discharges, burning throat and nose, sometimes with nosebleeds. The lips are cracked and cracked.

Aralia racemosa

Mild cold or inflammation of the nasal mucosa due to drafts or allergenic substances with pronounced sneezing attacks and sore nostrils.


Rhinitis associated with nosebleeds. It burns the nose and the patients often have to sneeze.


Runny nose with frequent sneezing and much watery nasal secretion. The nostrils burn.

Stuffy nose

True great event

Severely blocked nose with loss of smell. Greenish, unpleasant-smelling secretions that make the mucous membranes sore and cause bleeding. Also with stinky noses with plug secretions.

Ammonium carbonicum

Stuffy nose. The nasal mucous membranes are dry and sticky, which means that nosebleeds occur quickly when touched.


Watery nasal discharge, streaked with blood. Even with a stuffy nose.


The nose is blocked. The mucous membranes in the nose are dry and burning. Patients feel an irresistible urge to sneeze. The runny nose gets worse with every change in temperature and with a draft.


Stingy nose with stuffy nose. The nasal mucous membranes are very dry and tend to bleed.


Cold with sore nose. The right nostril is blocked. Pressing pain at the root of the nose.

Red Corals

Stuffy nose with dry nasal mucosa and painful ulcers in the nose.

Causes of rhinitis

  • Infection with viruses or bacteria
  • allergies
  • hay fever
  • nasal polyps
  • Irritants such as dust or solvents 


  • stuffy nose
  • runny nose
  • difficult nasal breathing
  • loss of smell

Further tips and information on treatment

More than 200 different viruses can trigger a cold. Due to the numerous possibilities of infection, it is usually not possible to develop vaccines against colds. The symptoms of a cold can be curbed with the help of nasal sprays. They can also be used to bring about a reduction in the swelling of the mucous membrane. Regular rinsing of the nose can reduce the susceptibility to a cold.


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