How to have more energy?

There are frenetic people who are always on the move, who do not stop still and who seem tireless. These are people who have enough energy and who can cope with a high pace of life. Well, if you admire these people and wonder how to have more energy and vitality, you should know that there are different physical and mental methods that will allow you to face your day to day life with greater intensity, joy and stimulation.

In the following article we give you some tips so you know how to have energy during the day. Putting these tips into practice will help you feel more stimulated, motivated and energetic to carry out all the daily tasks. Take note!

Eat a full breakfast

If you want to know how to have more energy during the day, you need to start from the beginning. Therefore, we invite you to take time to enjoy a full breakfast that allows you to have more energy throughout the day. As you well know, the foods you eat for breakfast, after a long period of overnight fasting, are better assimilated, since the body needs to get moving. Therefore, breakfast is the first source of energy of the day and should be the most complete and varied meal of the day.

Try to have breakfast with carbohydrates, proteins and fibers to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients to start the day. For example, some toast, yogurt and a piece of fruit is the perfect combo for your breakfasts.

Eat energy foods

Although breakfast deserves a special section, it is essential to carry out a healthy and balanced diet if you want to have more energy. Food is one of the bases of well-being and therefore, to solve the question of how to have more energy and motivation, you should look at the food you eat. Your diet should be based on fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, whole grains and low-fat dairy, since all of them will provide you with the optimal energy you need to face the day.

Among some of these healthy foods we highlight nuts, oats, eggs, bananas and chocolate. Incorporate them into your day to day life to increase your energy!

Be aware of prohibited foods

Although we have highlighted the need to follow a healthy and balanced diet as a natural stimulant to give energy, you should also bear in mind that some foods will not perform this function. Examples of this are fried foods, sweets, refined sugars, soft drinks, soft drinks and alcohol. All of them are part of the so-called “junk food” that more than providing energy are a source of fatigue. If you want to maintain a good level of energy, vitality and motivation on a daily basis, you should opt for much healthier options.

Hydrate the body

Another of the key points that solve the question of how to have more energy and vitality is to keep the body always well hydrated, and that lack of hydration is among the causes of fatigue. The scarce reserve of water in the body makes it weaker on a physical level and thus you lose agility on a mental level. For this reason, it is advisable to drink water throughout the day, approximately between 1.5 and 2 liters, and increase consumption even in the hottest hours if you are in hot climates.

Sleep well

Are you wondering how to have more physical and mental energy? Well, rest is essential to repair the body and recharge it with energy. During sleep, the body collects physical and mental energy, so you should not underestimate the hours you spend sleeping. Adequate hours for restful sleep are seven to eight hours a night. Keep in mind that sleep deprivation can negatively affect your mood, motivation, and energy levels, and can even prolong serious illness. For all this, you should consider sleep as a priority. That yes, if sleeping little is not good, sleeping too much is not either, since spending more than 9 hours sleeping the body suffers, affecting the circulatory system and mental agility.The key is to sleep 7-8 hours a day

Take a nap

If you have the opportunity to take a nap you will be able to check the magical effect that this break produces in your body. A short nap can be very comforting for the body and the mind, especially on days when you feel exhausted and need to recover your energy and vitality. In this sense, it is recommended to take a nap of only 20 or 30 minutes to be able to recharge your body with energy and continue facing the rest of the day. Test it!

Doing physical activity

One of the best remedies to have energy throughout the day is to include regular physical exercise in your life. Even if you are tired, there are no excuses. If you want a shot of energy and vitality, sport will be your vitamin. Physical activity improves strength and endurance , as well as relieves stress and improves mood and self-esteem.

The goal is to get about 150 minutes a week of physical activity. Well, to start moving start with walks, jogging, cycling, swimming or aerobic exercises. With them, you will not only improve your physical condition, but you will also achieve better mental health and a good dose of energy to be able to carry out your daily tasks with more vitality and motivation. Let’s go there!

Surround yourself with positive people

Positivity and good energy are contagious, that is why surrounding yourself with good people will give you a shot of energy and motivation to be able to manage your day to day better. Our recommendation is that you try to spend time with positive people, with similar interests to yours to improve your enthusiasm. Think that all those people with whom you do not fit in or who have too much negativity end up making you sour and sucking your energy in such a way that you can lose motivation and vitality. Choose people who are good for you and you will see how your energy increases rapidly.

Do something meaningful every day

Do you have passions, hobbies, projects and goals? Whether it’s playing sports more often, reading that book you’ve put aside, spending more quality time with friends, family or partner, learning something new or cooking that dish you like the most. Doing something important and meaningful to you day after day can increase your energy and vitality substantially.

And the goal? Do something that you enjoy every day and that motivates you. In addition, if that challenge is accompanied by some effort, you will see how your energy increases much more when you achieve it. Doing things that make you happy and satisfying is one of the keys to being able to get the energy you need to function day in and day out.

Dedicate good thoughts

To maintain a good mood and energy at an optimal level, you should not only have positive thoughts towards yourself, but also towards others. Kindness attracts good energy and will help you feel better, with more enthusiasm and vitality to face your daily tasks. Wishing the best for those in front of you, smiling more and being polite will help minimize the negative dialogues that you usually have internally, where judgment towards others tends to prevail and cause toxicity, which can be exhausting. With small acts of kindness you will feel happier, more alive and with more energy.

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