Mediterranean diet dishes that help you lose weight

The main benefit of the Mediterranean diet is a good supply of healthy fats from olive oil and other foods rich in omega 3 and 6. Here are 5 ideas for dieters.

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best eating patterns in the world. In addition to this, it offers mouth-watering and easy-to-prepare dishes at home. Do you know what are the 5 dishes of the Mediterranean diet that help you lose weight?

First, the Mediterranean diet involves the consumption of all food groups, but gives priority to complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. In this way, it helps to keep cholesterol levels in the blood low, thus preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The main benefit is an excellent supply of healthy fats that come from olive oil and other foods rich in omega 3 and 6. It also offers a good percentage of other essential nutrients. 

What are the benefits of the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most complete. It includes all nutrient groups and a healthy and varied cuisine.

The Mediterranean diet includes the eating habits of Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and Malta. P revises the consumption of the main food groups , necessary for a diversified, balanced and healthy diet.

The goal of any diet is to adequately dose the intake of nutrients. The food pyramid was developed with the aim of making nutritional priorities more understandable.

  • Olive oil is one of the bases of Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Use seasonal, not frozen foods.
  • Carbohydrates are mostly consumed through grains such as rice, pasta and bread.
  • It is important to include five servings of fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit should be the dessert of every meal. 
  • Dairy products are essential: skim milk, fresh cheeses and natural yogurt.
  • About four eggs a week are an important source of nutrients, as are blue and white fish and white meat.
  • An excess of animal fats, red meats and sweets should be avoided.
  • Natural water is essential to life, two liters of water a day. This amount can vary according to age, weight and other factors.
  • Additives such as salt or sugar should be avoided.
  • Finally, the diet should be accompanied by a little daily physical exercise.

Can it help you lose weight?

Contrary to what happens with other eating habits, the Mediterranean diet is what we need to live well. It doesn’t have too much impact and doesn’t cause nutrient deficiencies. You don’t lose weight quickly with the Mediterranean diet, but if you can manage your portions well and exercise every day, you can not only lose weight, but also protect your heart.

Five kilos are not lost in three days, as is the case with the pineapple or artichoke diet . However, it is possible to keep the body mass index within the recommended values ​​and to eat well and in a varied way. It requires some training, but our body will thank us.

However, the Mediterranean diet contains an element that could hinder weight loss. In fact, it includes wine among the recommended foods. An article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology advises against the consumption of alcohol in any form because it increases the risk of some diseases, as well as promoting weight gain.

Mediterranean diet dishes that help you lose weight

We present 5 typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine which, thanks to their ingredients, can help fight extra pounds. They are simple and nutritious. Preparing them allows us to keep weight under control, but also to vary from the usual routine and protect health .

1. Curry marinated tuna

To get out of the monotony, it is always useful to try new or less usual flavors. Tuna marinated with curry and flavored with sesame or other seeds is a different dish than usual and offers the lightness we are looking for.

2. Seafood and fish skewers

The skewers of fish and seafood contain a good amount of omega 3 and protein.

The Mediterranean diet offers a series of protein dishes (without vegetables or carbohydrates) that help you lose weight in the first few weeks. Skewers of fish and seafood , flavored with spices, lemon, garlic and parsley are a good idea to eat something different.

3. Chicken rolls stuffed with asparagus, spinach and cheese

Chicken rolls stuffed with vegetables and cheese are another dish of the Mediterranean diet. A healthy and tasty way to vary from the usual slice to the plate.

Just cook the chicken on the griddle and then wrap it around a vegetable and cheese filling . Five minutes in the oven and you will have a tasty and healthy second course.

4. Baked salmon

Salmon is an essential food of the Mediterranean diet. It contains few calories and important quantities of omega 3, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Salmon is a food found in many diets because it is rich in nutritional properties , healthy fatty acids and is delicious. A delicious and light dinner , with many health benefits: salmon in foil, served on a base of zucchini, asparagus and leeks and a drop of white wine.

5. Green bean salad

Another problem for those who follow the weight loss diet is that sometimes they lack the ideas to cook vegetables in a tasty way. This salad is ideal to take to work or outdoors . Natural tuna, turkey breast and eggs provide the necessary protein.

In addition to these dishes of the Mediterranean diet there are many other good and healthy options. Don’t stop looking for them!

Mediterranean diet, but balanced from an energy point of view

The Mediterranean diet protects health, but it is important to balance calories. You must not exceed the quantities in order not to take too many calories through a high calorie plan that makes you fat.

Remember that you get fat or lose weight based on the calories introduced and burned. In addition, being overweight is linked to numerous diseases, according to a study published in 2016 . For this reason it is important to be careful to achieve a calorie balance in the diet.

Pairing the Mediterranean diet with regular exercise is a great way to protect your health and keep fit.

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