Optimism, Australian flowers for positive thinking

Optimism is the Australian Bush Flower Essences compound that promotes positive thinking, confidence in the abundance of the universe, in life and in the future.

The composition promotes a mental and emotional openness that allows you to enjoy the confidence in the abundance of life, of new and different perspectives. It can be useful for those who are discouraged and for when one tends to focus only on the negative aspects. It allows you to rediscover optimism, happiness and confidence in your potential and in the future. 

Philoteca among the flowers of the Optimism compound

The composition of Optimism

The Optimism compound consists of the following flowers: 

  • Bluebell, the flower for the opening of the heart, helps to rediscover the ability to give and receive, and therefore to love and regain confidence in universal Abundance and in Life, despite everything. 
  • Boab indicated for becoming aware and changing acquired mental and emotional models, also with regard to money, life, happiness, luck, abundance.
  • Christmas Bell is the floral remedy that helps to express one’s desires and needs, learning to appreciate both giving and receiving, and the exchange of gifts between us and life.
  • Five Corners, the flower of self-esteem, for self-esteem but also for life. It helps to accept and appreciate one’s beauty, characteristics and abilities, giving confidence to the future, life, situations.
  • Philotheca indicated for learning to accept one’s successes and the resulting recognition (even if only to accept compliments), to ‘deserve’ joy and abundance, to recognize and thank for all that life has in store. 
  • Pink Flannel Flower improves the positive vision of things, the sense of gratitude even for the little things that life offers us and for every experience, aware that everything that happens is useful for one’s own evolution.  
  • Southern Cross favors a different point of view from which to view events, with optimism and confidence rather than victimhood, thus helping us to trust and participate actively in life. 
  • Sunshine Wattle brings brightness to the vision of things, favoring the acceptance and pleasure of the beauty of the present, the future and life in general.

Optimism usage tips

Drops : 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep. 

The Optimism compound can be indicated for the elderly, especially if alone, for big changes and critical moments in life (perhaps also supported by Stress Stop or personal flowers), to face with confidence ‘heavy‘ events and situations, even chronic diseases. 

It is also indicated when one remains stuck in the past, of which one continually relives negative experiences that limit hope and confidence in changes, solutions and the possibilities of something better. 

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