Red Helmet Orchid: properties, benefits and uses (Australian Flower Essence and Remedy)

Red Helmet Orchid is an Australian flower remedy made from Corybas dilatatus. Useful for fostering and revitalizing the bond between father and son, it stimulates sensitivity and respect towards others. Let’s find out better.

Description of the plant

Corybas dilatatus – the essence was created on Toolrunup Peak, the second highest peak in the Stirling Ranges, an area of ​​mountains and hills in southern Western Australia, south of Perth, using sunlight and moonlight, thus adding l feminine energy to foster bonding with children.

The orchid grows in all Australian states except Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Like most orchids in Australia, Corybas dilatatus is also a land plant: it is a dwarf plant with a single heart-shaped leaf growing above the flower. It prefers moist, sheltered and moss-rich soils under the forest ferns.

Its somewhat insignificant appearance, however, recalls a military helmet, an environment in which authority, especially male, predominates, and on which the essence develops its potential. 

Property of Red Helmet Orchid

  • It fosters, harmonizes and revitalizes the bond between father and children, helping them to become aware of the importance of nurturing the mutual relationship by spending more time together.
  • Useful in all cases of problems with male figures, those with authority or with representatives of authority, often resulting from an unsatisfactory relationship with one’s father. Even as adults or after the death of the father, it helps to rebalance the emotional blocks caused by this relationship. 
  • It helps to find one’s authority within oneself.
  • It stimulates sensitivity and respect in father and child relationships, but also towards the environment and the entire planet, helping us to respect the planet to respect ourselves and all forms of life.

Red Helmet Orchid is contained in the Adol and Relationship Compounds

Preparation and use

In a 30 ml bottle, combine ¾ of natural water and ¼ of brandy to preserve the product; add 7 drops for each chosen flower. 7 drops of this personal blend are taken under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before bed.

The drops can also be applied locally as well, combined with neutral cream as a carrier, in the bath water or vaporized in the environment to create a harmonious place.

They can also be prepared without brandy, making sure that they do not degrade (if necessary, the preparation is repeated). They can be diluted in a little water or herbal tea, even for children.

Bottlebrush for mother-child relationships and Red Helmet Orchid for father-child relationships are both contained in the Relationship and Adol Compounds, the first for interpersonal relationships, especially family ones, and the second for the problems of adolescence.

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