Relationship, Australian flowers for constructive relationships

Relationship is the compound of the Australian Bush Flower Essences dedicated to improving the quality of communication and interpersonal relationships, especially family ones. It helps to free the mind from resentments and confusion, alleviating the suffering that often follows, and to break the patterns of family conditioning in relationships with others.

The composition of Relationship

The Relationship compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Bluebell the flower that opens the heart and balances the heart chakra, favoring communication with the heart, love, joy. The expression with the heart allows you to give and receive love, to learn to love again, by participating emotionally in life, ours and others.  
  • Boab helps to break the negative relational models learned from parental or reference figures, making us aware of the mechanism and learning to act differently.
  • Bottlebrush is specific for mother-child relationships, at any age. It favors changes and adaptation to changes, of whatever nature they are, overcoming the past and opening us to the new.  
  • Bush Gardenia helps to renew the passion and interest in interpersonal relationships, when for example they are tired, in pain, subject to routine, improving communication and attention to others.  
  • Dagger Hakea facilitates the processing and resolution of situations charged with anger and resentment, promoting forgiveness, not only in family relationships.
  • Flannel Flower, the ‘flannel’ flower, favors the contact and welcome of the other, not only physically (kisses, hugs, complicity), but also with the most appropriate and ‘soft’ words (for example, not to hurt, in case of divorce, for example).   
  • Mint Bush helps to find clarity and calm in moments of great confusion, emotional overload, important decisions, taking the right distance from the problem and finding adequate solutions.  
  • Red Helmet Orchid, specific for parent-child relationships, or with authority figures, at any age. Promotes a renewed form of sensitivity and respect.  
  • Red Suva Frangipani, specific flower for mourning, loss and separation of any nature. Give again peace, calm and clarity to face the difficulties resulting from these moments.   
  • Wedding Bush makes it easy to make a commitment to a relationship, people or personal projects. It helps to keep in mind the goal to be achieved.  

Recommendations for use  

Drops: 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep; 7 drops as needed, during the day. 

Indicated for temporary difficulties in the couple, in the family, in parent and child relationships at any age, bereavement and separation, whether short, long or definitive. For extended families, for children who leave home (for work, marriage or otherwise) and parents who need to find a new balance. For those who do not find a partner. Of course it is also good for relationships that are not strictly family. 

For example, the single Flowers Illawara Flame Tree and Muontain Devil are associated with the Relationship compound. The first for experiences and feelings of abandonment, of not being accepted, feeling rejected (or not accepting someone), while the second is more suitable for jealousy.

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