Spirituality, Australian flowers for intuition and spirituality

Spirituality is the compound of Australian Bush Flower Essences which helps to awaken spirituality and favors the relationship with the intuitive sphere. It helps to deepen these issues, improving access to the more evolved ego and simultaneously protects the psyche and the integrity of the Aura when one is excessively or incompetently exposed to subtle energies and spiritual practices.

Particularly suitable for those who practice meditation, yoga and other paths on the theme of spirituality, but also for those who have difficulty in ‘opening up’ to spirituality. It also helps keep us grounded and realistic in spiritual research and practice. 

Angelsword among the flowers of the Spirituality compound

The composition of Spirituality

The Spirituality compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Angelsword favors communication and listening with intuition, with the deepest self, and the finding of inner peace.  
  • Boronia, in this compound, gives clarity of thought and mental stillness, favoring meditation and spiritual practices.
  • Bush Fuchsia favors balanced communication between the two cerebral hemispheres, thus facilitating the balance between rationality and intuition. 
  • Bush Iris, purple in color, the color of spirituality, in this compound allows us to access and connect to the spiritual dimension, even if only to understand spiritual concepts as a new point of view. 
  • Fringed Violet is indicated as protection for the aura during meditation and spiritual practices. 
  • Green Spider Orchid acts as an ‘antenna’, improving telepathic communication and with other living beings (plants, animals) and favoring the expression of potential extra-sensory abilities. It helps to communicate ‘beyond words’, therefore also with deaf, dumb, foreign people or in the misunderstandings in the daily communication of our relationships (example, parents and children, partners). Also indicated for understanding and phobias arising from past lives.
  • Red Lily helps to receive messages from our spiritual side and to keep concreteness and concentration to live the present. 

Spirituality usage tips

Drops : 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep.

Spirituality is indicated for travel, holidays, holistic seminars, spiritual retreats, for the work on oneself in these fields for one’s own evolution

Australian Flower Essence

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