Transition, the Australian flowers for changes

Transition is the Australian Bush Flower Essences compound dedicated to anyone who is facing major biological changes or life situations, such as a move, a change of nationality, a new job, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

It gives the ability to be open to changes and to be ready for the challenges they entail, especially when we resist change (even if unconsciously). It also helps in dealing with the fear of death, giving calm and tranquility during the passage into the afterlife, and also to those who assist the dying.

Lichen among the flowers of the Transition compound

The composition of Transition

The Transition compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Autumn Leaves, essence obtained from autumn leaves, which naturally fall, accepting change. It favors the passage from material to spiritual reality, and letting go of what is no longer. Alone, it favors the passing of death.
  • Bauhinia is useful for opening up to the new, to change and to reduce resistance to change. It teaches to receive, understand and accept new ideas, situations and people 
  • Bottlebrush helps in the phases of change, both by encouraging change and by accepting it and giving the ability to manage its phases and related emotions, such as oppression, inadequacy, uncertainty.  
  • Bush Iris in this compound helps to deal with the fear of death and fosters the confidence that there may be a spiritual reality beyond that of the 5 human senses, and beyond death.
  • Lichen, an essence obtained from a lichen, is useful in the transition phase, before death, when the physical body separates from the soul. Together with Autum Leaves it helps in the terminal phase of life. 
  • Mint Bush brings clarity to important changes that can lead to mental confusion or the idea that there is no solution. 
  • Red Grevillea helps to find the way out, the solution, the strength to leave behind situations in which we can feel ‘stuck’, even in the case of death. He supports the audacity in finding and following one’s own path, protecting from the interference and judgments of others, making us psychologically independent.
  • Silver Princess is specific to find the direction and purpose of life, with renewed motivation and awareness. 

Transition usage tips 

Drops : 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep. 

It can be associated at the same time with Emergency .

The Transition compound is NOT just for dealing with the fear of death and the moment of death. Every change is a bit like dying, because you change your life, or you change something in our life and in our life. The flowers it contains can help you face these changes more serenely

Lichen or Transition can also be massaged on the feet and hands, or the lips can be moistened, if the patient’s terminal situation does not allow oral intake. 

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