Universe Pets, Australian flowers for animals

The Universe Pets are a line of Australian Bush Flower Essences designed for the emotional well-being of animals that help to harmonize the vibrational imbalances that can negatively affect the life of each of us, even on animals. 

Australian flower essences for the emotional well-being of animals

Even our animal friends get excited, they experience emotions; if we observe them interacting with each other or with humans, we can recognize that they feel emotions similar to ours: joy, excitement, pain, desolation, satisfaction, sadness and compassion are also reflected in the animal world.

House pets that welcome us with special gestures and greetings, the pain of an animal for the loss of a companion or owner, sadness in the eyes of a dog and the body language that accompanies it are evident manifestations visible to all. Therefore their emotional balance is important for their well-being.

Living together or working with animals means taking care of them with awareness, sensitivity, consistency, knowledge, and respecting and loving them unconditionally.

To better interact with them, it is important to understand how they express their emotions. And this is possible with love and respect. The Australian Bush Flower Essences help living beings to harmonize vibrational imbalances that can negatively affect the life of each of us, even animals.

Flower remedies in general help to process the effects of negative experiences and act on behavioral patterns that can negatively affect the quality of life of every living being.

The Essences of the Bush are particularly useful for restoring the natural balance by promoting harmony through the connection with the positive energies of Nature.

10 Compounds of Essences for animals

Some of the following Compounds recall the already known Australian Compounds that we use for us humans, such as Stress StopTravelEnergy and Oppression Free, with some differences in the presence of the essences, which in this line have been selected specifically for animals. 

1. Aggressive 

Indicated for situations of conflict with oneself and with others, manifestations of aggression, reactivity, control, jealousy and territoriality. The essences of Bluebell, Dagger Hackes, Dog Rose, Flannel Flower, Fringed Violet, Gymea Lily, Mountain Devil and Rough Bluebell promote a balanced relationship and docility, allowing expression and receiving affection, and peaceful interaction with the environment .

2. Agitation and calm, the antistress 

The composition of Black-eyed SusanBoronia, Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Dog RoseHibbertia and Jacaranda is indicated in case of agitation, stress, hyperactivity and obsessive repetition of a behavior or repetitive nervous behaviors. The essences give stability, tranquility, relaxation.

3. Detox pets, psycho-physical purification

Similar to Oppression Free, this composition helps in case of dietary alterations, stress, physical heaviness (and not), worn, dull coat (coat) with problems. The combination of Billy Goat Plum, Bottlebrush, Bush Iris, Dagger Hackea, Dog Rose, Green EssenceSpinifex and Wild Potato Bush gives lightness and physical and emotional relief, cleansing that is also manifested in a softer and more luminous coat. 

4. Diffidence and timidity, self-esteem

The combination of Crowea, Dog rose, Flannel Flower , Fringed Violet, Gray Spider Flower, Illawarra Flame Tree, Mountain Devil , Pink Mulla Mulla , Tall Yellow Top , Tall Mulla Mulla and Wisteria helps in case of shyness, distrust, fear, for whom tends to hide, to remain aloof and defensive or has difficulty accepting physical contact. It increases trust, security and mastery of oneself and one’s own territory, favoring socialization and interaction. 

5. Emergency pets

Different in composition from Emergency for us humans, this is the emergency remedy for our animal friends. Composed of Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wilda Forces, Fringed Violet, Gray Spider Flower, Red suva Frangipani, Sundew and Waratah, it helps in all situations of great agitation, trauma, strong fears and intense emotions. Promotes calm, control and tranquility to overcome the difficult and delicate moment. 

6. Instinct balance

Indicated and useful in the reproductive period characterized by stress and agitation, and in all cases of emotional changes from hormonal situations, desire for mating, planning of reproduction. The essences of Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Flannel flower, Peach-Flowered Tea Tree , Pink Flannel Flower, She OakSlender Rice Flower and Yellow Cowslip Orchid promote calm and serenity allowing you to rediscover the connection with the natural instinct. Also indicated for emotional and hormonal rebalancing after childbirth.

7. Training and education, for learning

This composition of Bush Fuchsia, Green Spider Orchid, JacarandaIsopogonRed Helmet Orchid and Sundew is of help for all animals that participate in contests and competitions, but not only. For example, for those who undergo specific training for sports or educational purposes, because it helps to maintain attention, to memorize and learn directions and exercises. It also facilitates interaction with the guide, the instructor, and coordination. Learning, attention, communication and interaction with the ‘master’ are favored in general. 

8. Transition pets, for changes

The composition of Bottlebrush, Autumn LeavesBush IrisBauhiniaFreshwater MangroveLichenRed Grevillea and Silver Princess helps animals that do not like change. It is suitable for those who have repetitive, schematic and rigid behaviors, they are a little static. It favors openness and tranquility in changes, helping the adaptation to them and to novelties. Furthermore, as for Transition used by us humans, it is indicated for a peaceful approach to the end of life.

9. Travel pets, to travel peacefully

Like Travel for us, this composition also helps our friends to better deal with every type of trip and movement, reducing the effects and fears of travel. The essences of Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet, Gray Spider Flower, Macrocarpa and Paw Paw help to find tranquility and calm in case of fears of the means of transport, of being locked in the cage (or other limited space) during transport or travel, of the journey itself with the related effects of movement sickness and disorientation. 

10. Vigor and energy, to regain energy

Similar to Energy for humans, this composition is useful in case of tiredness, low energy and vitality, old age, laziness. The combination of Banksia Robur, Crowea, Illawarra Flame TreeKapok BushMacrocarpaOld Man BanksiaPink Flannel Flower and Yellow Cowslip Orchid helps to regain energy, enthusiasm and interest in everyday life, respecting the natural energy of the individual animal. It can be useful for promoting the recovery of energy from situations of discomfort or illness. 

How Australian flower essences are used for animals

The use of essences for animals is similar to that in humans. The animal is observed and the problem is identified, the emotional imbalances are observed and the appropriate essences are chosen.  

This line of compounds is as practical and easy to use as the traditional line compounds are, where environmental sprays also exist: their name already provides a general indication of the discomfort to help. Individual essences can also be used for animals.

The formulations of this line are in drops. The dosage is 7 drops morning and evening (4 drops for small animals).  

They can be added to the water that our animal friends drink or to food, in the space they prefer to stay in or where they sleep, to medicines they already take, on our hands when we caress them, in the bath water, it depends on the type of animal and the environment in which it lives. The essences are safe, delicate and adaptable.

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