White Light Essences, Australian spiritual essences

The White Light Essences are part of the repertoire of Australian Bush flower essences and are spiritual essences, still little known and little used by us. Spiritual essences are a real spiritual path, of deepening oneself and one’s own spiritual research and evolution. Along with the White Light Essences, for healing and cleansing at the soul level, there are also the Light Frequency Essences that work at the level of our divine essence or ‘higher Self’. Let’s find out what the White Light Essences are.

What are the White Light Essences

The White Light Essences are environmental essences. They have been created in sacred places, in different parts of the world, with the aim of improving aspects of the spirituality of those who use them, helping to explore and understand their own spiritual sphere.  

They favor spiritual research and access to the spiritual realm and to that of Nature in relation to our personal dimension.  

The White Light Essences are best effective if taken one at a time, starting with Water Essence, the Water Element that cleans, purifies, drains the ’emotional ground’ to promote a better experience of growth and the subsequent Elements.

The chosen essence must be taken for a period of about two weeks, at the end of which it is possible to repeat the intake of the same essence or start a new essence.

Preparation and use 

Put 7 drops of the Essence in a 15ml vial (or 14 drops in 30ml), with two thirds of pure water and one third of brandy, as a preservative. 

7 drops are taken morning and evening, under the tongue, for a period of approximately two weeks. 

White Light Essences: Water Essence

The Water Essence was created from an alchemical fusion of two essences, one for each of the two terrestrial hemispheres, the North and the South. They were prepared one on the island of Iona, along the west coast of Scotland, and the other on the Heron Island of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

This Essence allows you to intensely experience your own emotional disharmonies so as to be able to purify, rebalance and release them through the correct expression. The Water essence favors the emergence and resolution of deep, ancestral and karmic behavioral patterns. It will favor not only the liberation and the overcoming of past experiences, but it will help to get out of stagnant situations created by traumatic and negative experiences.

It is a particularly nourishing and purifying essence, which encourages us to be more open in receiving and trusting ourselves so as to experience the deep connection with the love of the Spirit, with the spiritual world that surrounds us. 

The essence also allows us to find inner serenity to fully experience our feelings and obtain a better emotional harmony. It fosters the awareness that everything will turn out for the best, whatever the challenge we encounter, helping us to emotionally overcome every experience.

This remedy can be indicated for those who feel ready to face important life choices, many times difficult. 

It is recommended as a first spiritual essence, because by helping to cancel the misperception of one’s limits, it will then be possible to activate the other Essences more deeply.

White Light Essences: Earth Essence

This essence was prepared in the sacred cave of Patal Bhuvaneshwar in Northern India, in an area located in the heights of the Himalayas, from which the border with Tibet is visible, famous for its exceptional natural beauty, for the religious beliefs of the its inhabitants and its temples, known as the “Land of the Gods”.

In ancient Hindu scriptures reference is made to the cave and still today there are numerous traditions linked to it. The essence was created in the waning moon phase, as in this phase of the lunar cycle there is a greater amount of energy returning to the earth. 

Earth helps to heal the inner structure and order and is an important remedy for stability and grounding, especially for those who practice intense activity in the spiritual field. Essence creates a bond of strong respect and reverence towards nature, the ancients, the natural spirits of the earth, the earth itself, the life force, life and its origins.

It also helps Lightworkers find motivation and pursue their goals with clarity and focus, thanks to centering and grounding. 

Another quality of the Earth Essence is to create a connection with the Manu of a particular country. The Manus can be assimilated to the Higher Spirit of a particular country and govern all the Spirits of Nature and the Devas of that land.

This connection allows you to access the vibrational essence or quality of that country, even without being physically present in that place, to carry out a spiritual activity in that place.  

On an emotional level, Earth helps create stability in personal and sentimental relationships. The difficulty in committing sentimentally can be linked to past traumas or the absence of a model to be inspired by.

The Water Essence, taken first, by helping to erase the misperception of one’s limits, prepares the field for the Earth Essence, which allows one to overcome the reference points and limitations of the past.

White Light Essences: Fire Essence

The Fire Essence was created in the sacred area known as Kata Tjuta, the aboriginal name of the Olgas Mountains (The Olgas), a rock formation in the National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia, which represents the physical and spiritual center of the country. 

The essence contains the passion, creativity and potential of Fire, an element that has always been associated with the ability to burn waste and impurities, especially those of the astral body. The Fire Essence helps to unlock the most sacred part of the individual, leading him to his most ancient source, the ancient and profound knowledge of him.

When this happens, the person experiences a ‘fiery’ resolve and determination, will be inspired and motivated to follow the path of his soul, his own higher destiny. This essence leaves no room for half measures: it is not possible to do anything but evolve

Before operating with this Essence, it is therefore necessary to be clear about one’s will or not to face an important change. You will have to be ready, in the depths of your heart and soul, to evolve, regardless of the consequences that this may have. Only in this way will the Essence be able to carry out its function. 

Fire should only be taken after having initially worked with the Water Essence, which will prepare the ground and allow you to experience the deeper action of the Essence itself. Also, it is recommended to find the correct sound vibration to work with, which will resonate with the person taking on Essence. Sound is the intrinsic force of all things and has a very powerful effect on the cellular structure of human beings.

The sound frequencies, together with the use of the Water and Fire Essences, turns out to be important to unlock the sacred part we have inside.

White Light Essences: Air Essence

Essenza Air was created on top of Schafberg mountain in St Wolfgang, Austria, from the top of which there is a wide view of 14 lakes. Its action is to bring out spirituality with completeness and passion, favoring the transformation of one’s own reality in an extremely profound way.

Prepared literally on top of the world, it can help us to see every problem globally without stopping at the details or the more dramatic sides. At the same time, it increases our control and inner awareness, allowing us to deal with situations more effectively.

Air Essence produces a feeling of lightness, simplicity and carefree (like air, in fact) and is suitable for those subject to trauma or emotional stress, or to face an important choice because it gives stability, control, independence and balance between intellect and emotionality. It also allows you to experience peace and harmony, knowing that we will always be protected and guided by God and the kingdom of the spirit.

White Light  Essences: Higher Self Essence

The Higher Self Essence was prepared on March 25, 1999 in the ancient Mayan ruins in Palenque, Mexico. This essence allows you to align and access the Higher Self, channels the energy of the highest order to the center of each of us, the place from which it radiates and extends.

It thus allows a greater balance in one’s own Spirituality, giving us the possibility to fully expand.

As our Higher Self contains all the lives we have lived, this Essence gives the opportunity to connect to previous incarnations in order to be able to bring back and rediscover the energy of whatever is needed from that past life.

White Light  Essences: Devic Essence

This essence was created during the summer solstice in the Well Garden of Chalice, Glastonbury, England, an incredible sanctuary for beauty, serenity and peace. The Well can be traced back to the early Roman period, shortly after Christ’s crucifixion, while the water that flows from it has always been revered for its purity and therapeutic powers since the 16th century.

The well is fed by a source of primary water of a ferruginous nature, which stains the various channels in which it passes red, hence the name of Sorgente di Sangue. A smaller spring, known as the White Spring, also flows through the garden, later joining the red one which according to Celtic traditions and folklore symbolizes the blood and sweat of Christ.

The essence allows for very strong ties to be established with the Devic kingdom, while its harmonic spiritual qualities lead to a level of extreme simplicity and peace. Devic Essence gives a feeling of total oneness like being one with everything and worrying less about everyday problems.

It allows us to get in touch and communicate with nature, to listen to the messages that the plant kingdom has for us and to put ourselves in tune with qualities such as healing from the Devic kingdom (of Nature). It helps us understand and judiciously exercise responsibility, protection, care and love in our lives. 

The Devic Essence is indicated to placate and calm those who are stressed, restless, blocked or who feel detached. Also useful for those who live relationships in an insecure or obsessive way, with excessive expectations: the essence will help them feel safe. 

Furthermore, essence allows us to appreciate the importance of knowing and remembering that we are a soul and have, and are not, a body. Consequently, it can also be taken into consideration for those who are close to death, and will be helped to achieve acceptance of a reality beyond our own.

White Light Essences: Angelic Essence 

This Essence was created in Peru on the top of Putucusi, a mountain sacred to the Incas, facing Machu Pichu. The Incas used this lonely mountain as a center of astronomical observation: from here it was possible to observe without obstacles both sunrise and sunset throughout the year, and even at night, ideal for their studies on the stars.

Two concentric circles of mountains surround the Putucusi, which rises in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The first circle of mountains encloses the Putucusi itself and includes Machu Pichu, the mysterious ruins covered with orchids and perched on a cliff suspended over the gorge of the Urubamba River. 

Throughout our earthly life, angels are always trying to inspire and raise our awareness on a spiritual level. The Angelic Essence allows us to have a closer contact with the Angelic realm, it helps us to be more open to receive Angelic tones of inspiration, love, awareness, communication, orientation and education from Above. , which can lead us to infinite potentialities in the course of our earthly life. 

Angelic brings energy from heaven directly to earth, uniting heaven and earth. Using this essence one can also invoke the protection of an Angelic type or of a specific Angel. It can also foster a sense of empowerment, especially in relationships and stressful situations, bringing mental clarity. He can relieve and eliminate the patterns and blocks of the past, allowing us to respond appropriately, instead of just reacting.

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