Schuessler Salt No. 24 Arsenicum jodatum

According to Schuessler, Schuessler salt No. 24 Arsenum iodatum (arsenic triiodide) is said to have an effect on the entire organism, but especially in the case of skin problems. It is therefore mainly prescribed by non-medical practitioners for allergic and itchy skin or mucous membrane diseases as well as acne. Read more about the Schuessler salt 24 and its use in the most recommended potency as Arsenum jodatum D12.

Schuessler Salt No. 24 Arsenum jodatum?

The Schuessler salt No. 24 Arsenum jodatum is used as a supplement in particular when other Schuessler salts are not sufficiently effective in the case of chronic skin problems. According to Schuessler’s application, it is administered when there are allergic reactions of the skin or mucous membranes or chronic itchy skin rashes. The goal here is to quickly improve the symptoms.

The Schuessler Salt No. 24 is therefore part of the so-called allergy and hay fever mixture. In addition to Arsenum jodatum, this mixture also contains six other Schuessler salts to combat allergy symptoms such as those that occur with hay fever or animal hair allergies: Calcium phosphoricum, Ferrum phosphoricum, potassium chloratum, potassium sulfuricum, sodium chloratum and sodium sulfuricum.

In general, naturopaths also use Arsenum jodatum for lung diseases such as asthma or chronic bronchitis, for physical weakness or weight loss. Therapists also rely on the effects of Arsenum iodatum for weeping eczema, acne or psoriasis.

The mineral is said to be closely associated with other substances involved in metabolic processes. Arsenum jodatum is said to down-regulate the metabolic processes, which saves energy and reduces the basal metabolic rate.

In small doses, the Schuessler salt 24 is also administered to detoxify tissues.

Symptoms and diseases of Arsenum iodatum deficiency

If Arsenum jodatum occurs in the body in too small amounts, various complaints or illnesses are said to occur. However, Schuessler salts are not a dietary supplement. They only contain the eponymous salt in homeopathic doses and therefore cannot directly compensate for a corresponding salt deficiency.

The goal of ingestion is to alleviate symptoms that are similar to those that would occur with a corresponding salt deficiency. The Schuessler salt should also work if there is a completely different cause behind the symptoms.

The following complaints should be treated with Schuessler salt No. 24 Arsenum jodatum:

  • allergic or chronic skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne
  • allergic mucosal diseases, for example of the nose, lungs or intestines
  • Lung diseases such as bronchitis or asthma, weakened lung function
  • Emaciation, weakness, exhaustion
  • restlessness, fear

Experienced non-medical practitioners always recommend going to the doctor for more serious illnesses. For example, chronic lung diseases should definitely be clarified by a doctor. Schuessler salts are often administered to accompany conventional medical therapy.

In the case of dysfunctions of the thyroid, Arsenum jodatum is said to have a regulating effect due to the bound iodine. The thyroid needs iodine, among other things, to form important hormones. If the thyroid gland is overactive, too many hormones are produced (results include nervousness). A hypofunction, on the other hand, leads to reduced hormone production (results include listlessness). In the case of hyperfunction, naturopaths recommend Arsenum jodatum 12X, in the case of hypofunction, usually 6X. The same applies to other serious illnesses: Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism should also be clarified by a conventional doctor.

Application of Arsenum iodatum

The Arsenum jodatum supplement is used both internally and externally.

Internal use of Arsenum iodatum

Arsenum jodatum is usually recommended in the twelfth potency (Arsenum jodatum D12). According to his assessment of the severity of the deficiency, the therapist will determine the number of tablets to be taken and the time at which they should be taken.

External use of Arsenum jodatum

Externally, Arsenum jodatum D12 is recommended in the form of poultices.

Locations for Arsenum jodatum

According to Schuessler’s medicine, Arsenum iodatum is mainly found in the cells of the skin. If these supplies run out, the main storage, the thyroid, is used.

Characteristic causes of Arsenum iodatum deficiency

Compulsive character structures are according to the concept of Dr. Schuessler responsible for an increased consumption of various minerals . In the case of Arsenum jodatum, it is said to be primarily about internal unrest, triggered by stress that has not been processed.

Signs of deficiency on the face

For most Schuessler salts, typical signs of deficiency are given on the face, which experienced therapists recognize as part of the facial diagnosis. However, facial analysis is not suitable for Arsenum jodatum, since no facial features are known. Weeping eczema on the body or allergies are typical signs of a deficit of Schuessler salt No. 24.

More information about Arsenum jodatum

Experience has shown that Arsenum jodatum acts very quickly when applied externally, for example in the case of weeping eczema; when used internally, the effect occurs more slowly.

After the teaching of Dr. Schuessler, depending on certain modalities, the symptoms caused by Arsenum iodatum deficiency improve or worsen. Washing, cold, and extremely hot or cold temperatures make them worse, but eating can improve them.


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