7 natural remedies to eliminate bad breath

Lemon juice is one of the most effective remedies for regulating the pH of saliva and for fighting bacteria that cause bad breath. Bad breath is a common symptom that can generate insecurity and self-esteem problems due to the impact it has on our social interactions. Bad breath is characterized by an unpleasant odor in the mouth, almost … Read more

Bad breath: Simple natural remedies to eliminate it

To avoid the problem of bad breath, it is important to drink plenty of water, which reduces the proliferation of the bacteria that cause it. You should also avoid eating red meats and frequent oral rinses Many people suffer, or have suffered at least once, from halitosis , also known as bad breath – a problem that usually occurs in … Read more

Natural mouthwashes to disinfect the tongue

In addition to brushing your teeth regularly, it is very important to maintain tongue hygiene with non-aggressive disinfectants. Bad breath is an oral health problem that can indicate an infection, tooth, gum, or digestive disease. Let’s fight it with natural mouthwashes! In some cases, however, the cause could be the tongue, a fundamental part of the mouth … Read more

Coconut oil for plaque, gingivitis and bad breath

Although you can prepare this remedy with any vegetable oil, we advise you to rinse with coconut oil, in order to also prevent gingivitis and bad breath and prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Oral problems are widespread among the entire population and do not always derive from poor hygiene. Sometimes, in fact, they result from diseases, … Read more

Natural mouthwashes to fight bad breath

It is not enough to be aware of suffering from halitosis, we must also look for suitable solutions to solve the problem, so that we can interact with those around us without problems Everyone gets bad breath from time to time. The problem occurs when this situation is recurring or constant, as it can annoy colleagues, … Read more

Bad Breath due to Stomach Imbalance: 5 natural remedies to fight it

Stomach bad breath is due to imbalances in the stomach and to solve it we can use remedies that help us balance the pH. In this way, we will be able to reduce the excess stomach acid that causes it. The ‘ bad breath stomach  occurs due to digestive disturbances. It is a type of bad breath that is … Read more

Fighting bad breath with special drinks

Remember to clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth, as food remnants can build up and cause bad breath. Do you need to fight bad breath? Know that you are not alone, the causes are numerous and widespread. But in this article we offer you some useful remedies. This problem, in addition to being very … Read more

5 tips to Counteract bad breath

Bad breath can negatively affect our self-esteem and can also lead to socialization problems and isolation. Do you want to fight bad breath? In scientific terms, the set of unpleasant odors in the oral cavity is known as halitosis. However, this problem does not always have to do with poor hygiene. A large percentage of adults suffer from … Read more

Bad breath or halitosis: causes and remedies for the problem

We recommend the consumption of foods rich in chlorophyll, which help us neutralize odors and refresh the entire oral cavity, and the realization of rinses with natural herbal teas. The ‘ bad breath or halitosis is a very common disorder, especially in the morning, because in our mouth during sleep, decreases the production of saliva. There are people, … Read more

Stained teeth: what are the causes?

Stained teeth are a concern for health and aesthetics. Nobody likes to have visible stains on their teeth. Let’s see the most frequent causes responsible for stained teeth in order to avoid them. Dentists study the appearance and morphology of stained teeth in order to trace the causes and find out how to treat and prevent them. For … Read more